Friday, August 27, 2010

Google shows its lefty side

It seems that whoever edits the Google Maps locations is a flaming liberal (either that or they have a public school education.... oh wait, that is the same thing). When you search for the Lincoln Memorial, you get the FDR Memorial. Lets see... its is the anniversary of Martin Luther Kings speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and you chose to redirect it to the memorial to the fourth worst president we have ever had (behind 0bama, Wilson and Carter). Who is the racist progressive now? I guess its just because Glenn Beck has his speech there tomorrow. The one that libtard left is calling racist? The same one that the niece of MLK is speaking at...

I truly weep for this country.

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Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to The Four Boxes. In 1971, Ed Howdershelt spoke those words in opposition to student anti-war protests which called for a building takeover at University of Texas, Arlington. Today, those words are a simple guide post for taking our country back from those that would see it 'transformed'. So this is my soap box. This November (and again in 2012) we take it to the ballot box. That leaves the last two boxes. Many of those in Washington need to stand in front of the jury box for their corruption and their failure to follow the Constitution. That last box? Well that is a very special box that has to be saved until all the other boxes have failed. It is a special box that is guaranteed to us in the Constitution in the form of The Second Amendment. It is a box that I for one hope is never needed, but stand ready to open it should the need arise.

So welcome to The Four Boxes. I hope you enjoy your stay.